Dan Sackett

I'm a software engineer living in Central Florida with my wife and daughter. I have a soft spot for Python and ReactJS and I'm lucky enough to do both of those things with Zoomforth.

My Work

Writing Suggestions

Writing Suggestions takes a user’s writing either via upload or pasting and parses it to find common pitfalls that writers make. It highlights these words and phrases for the user to make logical decisions.

Protected Message

Protected Message was a weekend project I built because I was paranoid about sending private data to family members. It encrypts messages for 30 minutes which can be obtained by a trusted recipient.

Program Everyday

Program everyday was my personal blog I ran for a year up until my daughter was born. I wrote about programming concepts, computer science principles, and mostly Python. I still write here from time to time as I learn more.

Computer Science

I felt my computer science background was lacking so in my spare time I have attempted to catch up on relevant algorithms and data structures using the Golang. Each topic has detailed explanations about concepts.


Ellie is a distributed task queue written in Golang. It is a basic implementation based loosely on the Celery API and was an experiment in what I could accomplish using Goroutines and the standard library.


Todooo is a simple CLI-based application which acts like a REPL for managing todo lists. It is written in Python and has a basic API which uses simple text files as the backend for loading and managing lists.